Onset is an open world multiplayer sandbox without predefined goals. Create and host your very own experience in Onset using scripting functions. Whether that is Roleplay, Cops and Robbers or classic Freeroam. Or just enjoy the different gamemodes created by other players.

  • 20 square kilometer playable area surrounded by an ocean.
  • 300 player dedicated multiplayer servers.
  • Over 400 Lua functions to customize the world.
  • In-game VoIP with 3d spatialization.
  • Host your own server with a gamemode made in Lua.
  • UI customization with HTML/CSS/JS.

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Release Date Announcement
Talos | November 16
Things are getting serious. Onset will release in December on Friday the 13th 2019. Watch the video for more information.
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Weapons and Graphics Update
Talos | August 12
A short update video showing Onset's weapon system as well as a short showcase of the new graphics.
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Lua Scripting
Talos | August 12
In this video we are going to take a closer look at Onset’s key feature: Scripting gamemodes in Lua.
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